Samovar Circles: A two-day non-workshop: How to be/help new generation artists? June 7–8

7–8 June in Kaunas, Lithuania 
Workshop facilitator: Agniete Lisickinaite 

Hello, my name is Agniete and I am a dance artist. I invite you to this non-workshop to raise important questions with me.

To answer ”How to be/help the new generation of artists?” we must raise more questions:
– What is the new generation of artists? 
– Is it special and why? 
– Why do they need help and support? 
– How can we help and support them? 

I have decided to use the questioning practice as the main method to lead this non-workshop.

We will be hiking in the neighborhoods of Kaunas. A hike with long-distance walking where we will make a fire. If the weather permits, we will surely swim in the lake.  I will share my own artistic practices and I will give some starting points for our discussion.
“The only actions I can change are my own actions.”

“Change as exchange. Art as a shared experience.” 

Agniete Lisickinaite is an independent contemporary dance artist, choreographer and teacher. Since 2020 she is the chairwoman of the Contemporary Dance Association. She is well-known from the dance theatre AIROS and Vilnius City Dance Theatre LOW AIR. In 2019, together with her colleague Greta Grineviciute, she founded the organization BE COMPANY. Agniete gives lectures at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre to students of contemporary dance, and lessons for professional dancers at the Contemporary Dance Association.

“A provocative, questioning, thought-provoking, socially, and politically engaged dance medium is a means for me to create a dialogue with the audience. Dance can be a tool for social activity. I believe that a work of art can lead to social change and still remain an art that does not define itself within the boundaries of artistic institutions.”

If you wish to participate in Agniete´s non-workshop, please fill in this form:

Samovar Circles is a collective catalyst and boiler of ideas on how to tackle new challenges and opportunities for the performing arts in the post covid era. Samovar Circles is initiated with the aim to support stakeholders across the field to keep going, strengthen their relations and find out together how to build new support structures for the future. Samovar Circles is a short term network (2021–2022) initiated and organised by Subtopia (Sweden), CircusInfo Finland (Finland), Performing Arts Hub (Norway), Teatronas (Lithuania), New Theatre Institute of Latvia (Latvia) and Wildtopia (Denmark).