Samovar Circles & Latvian Theatre Showcase: Alternative Touring Models: Samara Editions with Lisa Gilardino 5.11.

Live: Lativan Theatre Showcase and Samovar Circles presents the first webinar inviting Lisa Gildardino to discuss new curatorial and touring models using her Samara Editions as a case study. Samara invites artists to create new performances that can be sent to the audience by post. When buying a ticket to Samara, you receive a box that contains everything to experience a premiere in the intimacy of your private space.

Nov 05, 14:00 (CET 13:00)
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Samara’s curatorial team is Eva Neklyaeva, Lisa Gilardino and Marco Cendron.

Samara Editions are co-produced by Black Box (Oslo), Spielart Festival (Munich) and Vooruit Arts Centre (Ghent).

Presented as a part of Live: Latvian Theatre Showcase and Samovar Circles

Samovar Circles is a short-term network initiated and partnered by Subtopia (Sweden), CircusInfo Finland (Finland), Performing Arts Hub (Norway), Teatronas (Lithuania), the Latvian New Theater Institute (Latvia) and Wildtopia (Denmark). Partners advocate for different priorities and missions, know different contexts, knowledge and practices. The six partners first collaborated in the context of Subcase Cyber ​​in 2021, then discovering that their differences are deeply valuable.