MOBILIVE – Transnational employment in the live performance sector

Transnational employment in the live performance can take place under different circumstances: a short-term assignment abroad lasting several days or even hours; a long-term assignment abroad of several weeks or months; consecutive performances in several countries; etc. The aim of this questionnaire is to gather information from employers working across EU/EFTA borders and organisations hosting artists and supporting staff from other EU/EFTA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. Please consider the UK as part of the EU/EFTA).

The survey is conducted by the Belgian university of Leuven (KU Leuven-HIVA). It is part of a research project supported by DG Employment, in which two other research partners take part i.e. Université de Strassbourg and the University of Ghent, law departments social security and labour law. Pearle is a project partner, and members from Belgium, Czechia, France, Portugal and Sweden have joined as associate partner.

This is the first research of its kind and we are convinced that you understand the importance to involve your members in this exercise.

The three research institutes that we work with are highly regarded by the DG Employment of the European Commission for the level of expertise.

Being the VERY FIRST TIME such study is undertaken for our sector every answer, every member that takes part, is an added value to the research.

The deadline to answer is 22 February.

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