Subcase Cyber 15.–21.2.2021

Subcase-verkostoitumistapahtuma järjestetään ensi vuonna viikon mittaisena verkkotapahtumana, jonka ohjelmistoon kuuluu pitchauksia, työpajoja, keskusteluja ja paljon muuta aiemmilta vuosilta tuttua – tällä kertaa virtuaalisesti.

Rekisteröityminen presenttereille, tuottajille, rahoittajille, agenteille ja muille ei-taiteilijatahoille on avoinna ja löytyy täältä (siirryt toiselle sivustolle).

Taiteilijoiden rekisteröityminen alkaa tammikuussa ja siitä tiedotetaan erikseen. Rekisteröitymisaika päättyy 5. helmikuuta, ja kannattaa huomata, että esimerkiksi The Huddle -kokonaisuuteen mahtuu vain rajallinen määrä osallistujia.

Lisätietoja tapahtumasta, ohjelmasta ja rekisteröitymisestä alla ja tapahtuman verkkosivuilla (siirryt toiselle sivustolle). Sirkuksen tiedotuskeskus on yksi tapahtuman kumppanijärjestäjistä.

Subcase Cyber 2021

Subcase is a contemporary circus meeting with a focus on stimulating and promoting the Nordic and Baltic circus scene. Since 2009, it has been organized in 10 editions, always in collaboration with Swedish, Nordic and Baltic partners. In this time of crises and change, gazing with one eye to the future and another to the past, we hereby introduce to you: Subcase Cyber.

Subcase Cyber will take place on 15–21 February 2021. Some features will be available the whole week, while others take place at defined times.


  • Pitches of Nordic and Baltic artistic projects
  • The Huddle – a two-day event asking “Who is left out?”
  • Exhibition in Cyber Space
  • Video meetings and networking tools
  • Manegen panorama of Swedish circus
  • Feedback Partnerships

Subcase Cyber is an event specifically for Nordic/Baltic circus artists, and Nordic/Baltic/international representatives of organizations that present or support performing arts. Subcase is not open to the public.

Registration for presenters, /co/-producers of venues, festivals and performing arts events, agents and funders here.

Registration for artists will open in January.

Deadline to register is 5 February 2021.

The Huddle will allow a limited number of participants.

Subcase 2021 is produced by Subtopia. The different parts are presented in collaboration with Performing Arts Hub Norway, CircusInfo Finland, Lithuanian Dance Information Centre, FutureBlackSpace, Stockholm University of the Arts and Manegen. With the support of Swedish Arts Council, Nordic Culture Fund, Nordic Culture Point, Stockholm Region and the municipality of Botkyrka.

Pitches of Nordic and Baltic artistic projects

20 six-minute pitch videos, specially produced for this occasion in order to present Nordic and Baltic circus companies and artistic projects, will be available on the website during the whole Subcase week.

  • Kapsel: Apparat
  • Svalbard Company: Braintown
  • M.P.A.C: Breast in Peace
  • GLiMT and Sputnik & Wild Wonders: CameliOrquestra
  • Cirkus Cirkör: Circus days and nights
  • Sanja Kosonen: Cry me a river
  • Kanta Company: Clothes and us
  • Marta & Kim: Fase
  • Henrik & Louise: Korobka
  • Galapiat Cirque/Collectif Oxo: La Roue
  • ENT: Nesa i jorda & Plast
  • Race Horse Company: O`DD
  • Aleksey Smolow: Ol´that
  • Sunniva Løvland Byvard & Elise Bjerkelund Reine: Silhuetter på stranden
  • Sisus: Split ends
  • Huldufugl: The Hidden People
  • Big Wolf Company: Three Sisters
  • Circus I  Love You: Utopia
  • Right Way Down: Wald
  • Dziugas Kunsmanas & Adrian Carlo Bibiano: Where do I connect?

The projects were selected on an open call by a committee consisting of representatives from the Nordic and Baltic countries. Find out who they are here (link opens on another site)

The Huddle – a two-day event asking “Who is left out?”

From the embodied perspective of blackness working in majority white institutions and fields, FutureBlackSpace offers an experiential online environment within which to contemplate and work with this question.

The focus on blackness is an example of what being ”left out” does on a structural and personal level. We invite you to work with an intersectional lens on who your institution/field/artistic work does not include and why? What could you do about it? Why do you want to do something about it?

The two-day event is an aesthetic weave of performance lecture, creative writing workshops, discussion groups, podcasts, music and video. It is curated by the FutureBlackSpace team of artists, scholars in gender studies, intersectionality, decolonisation, psychoanalysis and dance, professionals in curatorial practice, fashion, perfumery, psychotherapy and organisational consultation.

The Huddle is facilitated by John-Paul Zaccarini, Professor in Performing Arts at Stockholm University of the Arts, previously Associate Professor in Circus. The team consists of Dr. Ana Sanchez-Colberg, Hanna Wallenstein, Toubab Holmes, Camilla Welton, Dr. Anna Adenji, Majo Cruz and Andrea Davis-Kronlund.

To participate in The Huddle, you need to sign up specifically. Participants are required to commit to the full event, since it constitutes a process over two days:

Tuesday 16 February 10.00-12.30 and 13.30-15.30
Wednesday 17 February 10.00-12.00 and 13.00-15.30

Breaks are included, and part of the time is used for individual work.

FutureBlackSpace is a creative space of recovery, discovery and project/artist development, free from the white gaze. It is designed for POC who operate within largely white fields/institutions and offers them a chance, through creative writing  practices to reflect upon how this affects or troubles their work/study. It is meant as a supportive space that offers tools to generate authentic work from the specific experience of POC.

The Huddle is organized with the support of Stockholm University of the Arts, Nordic Culture Fund, Nordic Culture Point, The Swedish Arts Council and Region Stockholm.

Exhibition in Cyber Space

In the Exhibition in Cyber Space, you will discover more Nordic and Baltic circus companies.

Artists who wish to take part of the exhibition space: info on how to sign up will come in the beginning of January.

Video meetings and networking tool

Subcase Cyber invites participants to a small program of zoom meetings and some networking tool. More info on this will come in January.

Manegen panorama of Swedish circus

Subcase Cyber proudly presents a collaboration with Manegen, the national Swedish federation for circus, street arts and variety. A panorama of Swedish circus which will be available on the website during the whole Subcase week.

More info will come in January!

Feedback Partnerships

Join the Feedback Partnerships program!

At Subcase we find it important to encourage dialogue and exchange of thoughts between artists and presenters. Like at earlier Subcases, the artists pitching at Subcase Cyber and participating presenters are offered the opportunity of being match-maked for blind dates.

The aim is a constructive discussion about the local and international possibilities of the project, out from the given circumstances in the world right now. When and how the dialogue is to take place is up to the artist and presenter to decide – Subcase only mediates the contact. Then, maybe over a coffee at Zoom or some other online meeting tool.

Feedback Partnerships is not about stating ”truths in general” or “selling work”. It is about sharing perspectives on continuing our mutual work, in a world that is shaking under our feet.

When you register to Subcase Cyber, you can sign up to take part in Feedback Partnerships.