Air: Japanin ja Suomen 100-vuotisia diplomaattisuhteita juhlistava sirkusteos

  • Air. (Kuva: Road Izumiyama)
  • Air. (Kuva: Road Izumiyama)
  • Air. (Kuva: Road Izumiyama)
  • Air-teoksen työryhmä. (Kuva: Road Izumiyama)

Marras-joulukuun vaihteessa Fukuokassa, Japanissa esitettiin Ilona Jäntin ohjaama nykysirkusteos Air, joka toteutettiin suomalais-japanilaisena yhteistyönä juhlistamaan maiden välisten diplomaattisuhteiden 100-vuotista historiaa.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Finland and Japan, contemporary circus artists from both countries come together for a new collaborative project: Air, a stage production co-produced by Finland and Japan.

The contemporary circus project began in May with Ilona Jäntti’s workshops in Setagaya Public Theatre in Tokyo and Setouchi Circus Factory in Kagawa. The workshops also doubled as auditions for the performance.

Five Japanese artists were chosen to take part in the performance Air, and one of them, Aki Yoshida, visited Finland in the summer to work with Jäntti at Cirko – Center for New Circus. Besides circus artists the performance also features 7 musicians from Japan, South Korea and Thailand. Finnish aerialist Sanna Vellava has also been working with the performers.

After the rehersal of three weeks in Fukuoka, Air was premiered in the world at Fukuoka’s Namiki Hall on November 30th and December 1st. About 1200 audience members enjoyed Air and were touched by the unlimited potential of contemporary circus.

Air is produced by FFAC (Fukuoka City Foundation for the Arts and Cultural Promotion), Setouchi Circus Factory and Setagaya Public Theatre. The Finnish Institute in Japan has also participated in this project and cooperated greatly.

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