Kurssi klovnerian ammattilaisille: The Naked Comedy Intensive

The Naked Comedy Intensive – Deanne Fleysherin kurssi klovnerian ammattilaisille.

Sairaalaklovnit ry:n järjestää yhteistyössä Tanssiteatteri Hurjaruuthin kanssa klovnerian ammattilaiskurssin osana Punainen helmi -festivaalia helmikuussa 2020. Hae mukaan nyt!

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Kurssin kuvaus:
THE NAKED COMEDY INTENSIVE (fully clothed) with Deanna Fleysher

Be more than funny. Be loved.

Naked Comedy will demand your heart, your guts, and all your fluids. We will see how funny you can be without thinking or trying. We will learn about your unique connection to the audience. We will see the bravery required for you to really be vulnerable. We will witness the gratification that comes with letting go. Expose yourself (metaphorically speaking) and make people laugh.

In this 4-day intensive, expect the following:

  • A deeper connection to and understanding of your audience
  • Personalized feedback (and plenty of it)
  • Discovery and exploration of your ”sweet spots”: unique ways that you move/be (emotional/physical states) that your audience especially enjoys
  • More understanding of what ”stage magnetism” means for you, and how to really harness your performative power
  • The beginnings of new characters and sketches
  • More wildness, more bravery, more vulnerability
  • Interpretive Dance
  • Laughing a lot
  • This workshop is ideal for improvisers, clowns/bouffons, stand-up comedians, actors, and anyone who wants to be more magnetic, funny or comfortable in front of others than they currently are

Kurssin kesto & ajankohta:
4 päivää (ti-pe) 11.2.2020–14.2.2020
Opetus joka päivä klo 9.30–15.30 (välissä tunnin lounastauko)
Paikka: Tanssiteatteri Hurjaruuth, Helsinki, harjoitussali, 5. kerros
Kurssimaksu: 190 €

Hakuohje: Kirjoita enintään yhden sivun mittainen motivaatiokirje, josta käy ilmi aiempi klovneriataustasi sekä syy, miksi haluaisit osallistua tälle kurssille. Motivaatiokirjeet lähetetään 15.11.2019 mennessä sähköpostitse Taina Mäki-Isolle, taina.makiiso(a)gmail.com, joka valitsee kurssin osallistujat. Kurssille otetaan 14 osallistujaa, joista puolet ovat sairaalaklovneina toimivia klovnerian ammattilaisia.

DEANNA FLEYSHER is an American immersive comedy artist, teacher and director. Inspired by clown, bouffon, improv, physical theater and role play, she cultivates comedy that is interactive, magnetic and brave. She currently tours with her award-winning solo show BUTT KAPINSKI, and her new interactive game CHEATED! The Naked Comedy Lab, Deanna’s workshop series, sells out all over the English-speaking world.

For more info, visit www.buttkapinski.com, and please check out her artist blog at nakedcomedy.blogspot.com.