Open Call: Residency for Contemporary Circus Artists, June 10-14, 2019 Münster

Kuva: Franzi Kreis

Circus Dramaturgy – On the Border between Art and Academia

The research project Zirkus | Wissenschaft invites applications for the first-ever Residency for contemporary circus artists at the University of Münster. Its aim is to open the dialogue between artistic practice and academic reflection by combining an academic masterclass with an artist residency.

During the residency, you will get the opportunity to work with students specialized in the analysis of cultural representations. Within five days, you will receive feedback on your in-progress piece to which you can react immediately and further develop the work in collaboration with the students. At the end of the residency, there will be a work-in-progress presentation in which both students and artists* will report on their experiences.

What We Are Looking For

– Artists Interested in Dramaturgical Reflections
– A contemporary circus production team with up to four artists* curious about crossing the borders between art and academia, with an in-progress creation/piece at hand
– Pieces that deal with the subject of ‘border crossing’ are given preference.

What We Offer

– Academics Interested in Dramaturgical Practice
– An introduction to theoretical concepts of circus dramaturgy/cultural poetics and representation
– Intensive feedback sessions from an academic perspective
– Use of rehearsal space at the Studiobühne of the University of Münster (10×6 meters; height: 5 m) Please note that aerial is unfortunately not possible!)
– Expense allowance or fee (depending on production size)
– Contribution to production budget (depending on production size)

As the first of its kind in Germany, this project aims to connect artistic and academic visions and perspectives for a unique kind of research-creation!

Please include in your application

– Letter of motivation
– A short outline of the ideas /visions and current status concerning the work in discussion
– Photos & video material of the work in discussion
– CV of the company and the artists involved in the project

Please submit your application to until February 15th.

The project is led by Franziska Trapp who is a researcher at the University of Münster. In her dissertation entitled Readings of the Contemporary Circus, she develops the first methodology for the analysis of contemporary circus performance. As the founder of the Zirkus | Wissenschaft research project and organizer of international conferences including Semiotics of the Circus (2015) and UpSideDown – Circus and Space (2017), she is at the forefront of circus studies in Germany. During the course of the past several years, Franziska Trapp has worked for various circus productions such as the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain and Cirque Bouffon and successfully completed the Certificate en dramaturgie circassienne (CNAC and ESAC).

Franziska Trapp
Zirkus | Wissenschaft
University of Münster
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