bibu 2024 gets a Nordic-Baltic Focus!

After long discussions about how to best follow up the enormous privilege of hosting ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering in 2022 we are proud to announce that bibu 2024 will have a Nordic-Baltic focus!

Already in 2022 bibu established a strong collaboration with Norway in hosting the Norway Now showcase. bibu will now take the next step in deepening our collaborations with national ASSITEJ centres and theatre organizations in our neighbouring countries.

It feels fantastic to create a “local-international” forum, encourage knowledge sharing and international touring in Northern Europe and learn about differences and similarities in possibilities, practices, and expressions!

This means that the bibu 2024 international programme will be a Nordic-Baltic programme with shows exclusively from the area in question. Suggestions for shows from outside the stipulated region will not be considered.

The Nordic-Baltic region consists of: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, and Sweden.

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