Manegen / Malmöfestivalen open call


AUGUST 1118, 2023

The Malmö Festival is looking for productions/performances that can take place on our fantastic stage MANEGEN in 2023! Welcome with your programme proposal!

Between August 11th18th, 2023, the 37th edition of the Malmö Festival will take place.

In 2022, we introduced our new cultural stage Manegen at the Malmö Festival, a larger circus tent/big top located on a green field in the park Slottsparken, in the center of Malmö. Here we present a varied stage programme with contemporary circus, contemporary performing arts, dance, comedy shows and music performances for both children, youth and adults.

The programme presented on the Manegen’s stage is in a festival format, where 5 programme slots are presented on the same stage every day between the hours 14:00 and 22:00 (last slot). The set change on stage is approx. 1 hour and during this time there is the possibility for a short light and sound check. Get in time is about 23 hours before the show (depending on type of act). Each programme slot is a maximum of 60 min.

Submit your program proposal to us by latest February 28th.

Email your proposal to:

Please attach dossier/information sheet about the production/performance, technical spec/rider and a budget proposal incl. travel expenses.

We take all proposals into consideration in our ongoing programming and will give feedback by latest March 31. Note that your program proposal is not guaranteed a spot at the Manegen stage.


Stage format: approx. 10×10 m podium stage, stage height: approx. 0.6 m, height from stage floor: approx. 5.5 m.

Possibility of air rig and ground rig.

Fixed sound and light provided by the Malmö Festival. NOTE: stage set up and stage technical spec. will be available shortly. Some changes may occur depending on the supplier of the stage and stage sound and light.
Audience capacity: approx. 450 seated on three sides of the stage in grade meadow and parquet (in specific cases it is possible to delimit the audience on the sides).

A larger production area is available backstage to be able to prepare the production before it is taken on stage.

Stage crew on site to assist with the practicalities before and after the performance as well as during the performance.


14.00 15.00 Target group: Children and family (210 years)

16:00 17:00 Target group: Children and family (210 years)

18.00 19.00 Target group: Everyone

20.00 21.00 Target group: Adults

22.00 23.00 Target group: Adults


Welcome to The Malmö Festival a warm, friendly, and wideranging festival founded in 1985. Right in the heart of Sweden’s third biggest city you can experience everything from groundbreaking art, music, and culture to a variety of food that reflects the intercultural vibes and people of Malmö. With 1,4 million visits every year we’re the largest (and oldest!) city festival in Northern Europe. Everyone is welcome and almost everything is admission free!

The Malmö Festival takes place over eight intensive days in August and is organized by the municipality city of Malmö.