Esiintyjähaku / Call for performers: La Putyka

Tšekkiläinen La Putyka etsii esiintyjiä tuleviin teoksiinsa. Lisätietoja alla.

The Czech circus La Putyka is looking for performers for their upcoming shows. More information below.

We are looking for acrobats, performers, dancers and actors for newly prepared projects for the years 2023-2025. What kind of projects are these?

On-line application here (link opens on another site)

Application deadline: 10th January 2023

R.est I.n E.uphoria 

What do the words show, effect, decadence, freedom, euphoria, rest, wow, border, beyond, openness, madness mean today? Is there room for thought and story? 

We want to create a multidisciplinary show, performance that will be accessible only to 18+. We want to build on the rich history of cabarets in the Czech Republic. What do Voskovec and Werich have in common with cabarets such as La Clique, Moulin Rouge or Blanc de Blanc? We don’t know yet, but we intend to find out in a new cabaret project called Rest in Euphoria (hereinafter Cabaret R.I.E.). The key terms for us this time are cabaret – show – euphoria – excitement – music – experience – decadence. 

We are looking for: circus artists, acrobats, dancers, actors and performers, we expect a high technical level 

1st lab: Summer 2023 

Rehersals: November 2023 

Shows: December 2023  

St. Art 

Sport in art. Art in sports. Can art be implemented directly into sport and vice versa? What is sport and what is art? What art genre is closest to sports? How do sports and art intertwine? And where does it diverge? Does sport influence art or does art influence sport? Does sport need more culture and the culture more of sport? Production in collaboration with the Bez Frází project in honor of the 2024 Summer Olympics. 

We are looking for: circus artists, dancers, performers, actors, musicians, singers who have experience in top sports or are close to it – regardless of sports disciplines 

1st lab: Fall 2023 

Rehearsals: March and April 2024 

40 shows in 2024 + option for 2025  

Young Blood crew 

We are looking for young Czech dancers, acrobats, athletes, parkourists who are interested in becoming part of the Cirk La Putyka company. YB is the project that now after three years led the first Young blood crew to the premiere of the BOOM project. Now from this group they are the regular members of Cirk La Putyka and they have made way for the next rising generation. 

Start: Spring 2023

The schedule

1st ROUND 

Fill in this form (link opens on another site) by 10th January 2023.

We will inform the selected candidates by 17th January 2023.


The audition will take place 17–19 February 2023 at Jatka78 (Bubenské nábřeží 306/13, Prague 7). During the audition you will work with the director, choreographer and creative team of Cirk La Putyka.  

In case of any confusion or questions, write to .