The Sphere: Open Call for Live Art & Circus Practitioners

Live Art and Circus practitioners: Welcome to The Sphere!

This is not a normal open call for institutional funding. We are taking up the question of funding as part of the Art itself. We shift the hierarchies of institutional gatekeeping and give it back to the people. This is why we operate as Circus DAO funded by Creative Europe.

To grow the Sphere into a self-sustained network whose currency is re-making existing Circus Artworks, we are calling you: join our groundbreaking – or rather, terraforming! – experiment in artful value transmission & collaboration.

How does it work?

Two artworks – we call them Seed Performances – have been chosen by our Network of Circus Art Professionals and Enthusiasts. They are now ready to blossom again into existence and to be re-made with a budget one of which is 10.000 Euro, and the other 11 ETH. Our partners Maison des Jonglages (Paris) and Cordata F.O.R (Turin) provide residencies towards that goal.

Once you’ve looked at the Artists’ works and their message to you, you are invited to submit a proposal and join our network, where you can exhibit your work and step into a dialogue with other artists.

Deadline for the application is the 30.9.2022

Interested in applying? It’s simple. Just:

1. Check out these Artworks:

”Materia” by Andrea Salustri and “C8H11NO2” by ROOM 100

Does something within them resonate with you? Great! You can go further now…

2. Read carefully the Love letter to incoming artists: Love Letter Materia + Love Letter C8H11NO2. If you vibe

with them, then…

3. Write a short statement of intent or a responding love letter to You will then be invited to join the Sphere Discord Channel, where you will be given access to special channels containing the Seed performance archives, i.e. all the necessary material to start imagining new derivative iterations of the works.

4. Once you have explored the material at hand and feel ready to plunge further, you are invited to submit a versioning proposal. At the end of the incubation process, The Sphere’s invested audience will select the winning proposals through quadratic voting (more info on what all these things mean on our website).

Read the extensive Open Call at The Sphere Website