Open Call: International Circus Centre for Artistic Research Training Programme 2022–23

ICCAR in a nutshell

ICCAR offers an artistic training programme for professionals who are willing to challenge their intuitions and artistic visions with several creators –equipped with their own understanding, practice and savoir-faire–, for whom research and creation are inseparable.

ICCAR strives to be a space-time continuum in which circus creation professionals are welcome to explore, experiment and dialogue through practice throughout several months. A space-time continuum in which to question (oneself) and explore (oneself) through several issues linked to the creation of a circus performance.

Who is it for?

ICCAR is aimed at emerging circus artists with excellent artistic and technical skills who are willing to delve into the different artistic aspects at play in the creation of a contemporary circus performance: dramaturgy, movement, the connection with the object and/or partner, music, lighting, space. In this regard, ICCAR focuses on circus artists who are developing their projects as circus authors.

We understand that emerging artists are people who have just finished training at a professional circus school and also artists who are taking the first steps in their careers as circus authors.

ICCAR is intended for artists who are willing to combine their personal research with a collective learning experience and develop their own practice and performance from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Training offered by ICCAR is organised in 6 modules; professionals who commit to completing the whole training process will be given priority. 

In the artistic selection we will strive to have a balance among the different genres, as well as diversity in artistic identities and home areas of the participants.

Training Programme

Module 1: ”Translation and transformations of the circus vocabulary from a concept and a thematic proposal”: 3rd -15th October 2022

Module 2: ”Movement as inspiration for different reactions to the stage object itself”: 7th-19th November 2022

Module 3: ”Music and lighting, two key partners in creating the stage event and a coherent univers”: 9th-21th January 2023

Module 4: ”Partnering, a door to the development of a privileged dialogue with the other (object or person)”: 20th-25th March 2023

Module 5: ”The symbolic value of the circus object: its extra-everyday use and its relationship with costumes and scenic elements”: 17th- 29th April 2023

Module 6: ”Final creation”: 8th-21th May 2023

*This schedule may undergo minor changes

In 2022-2023, ICCAR gets underway with a pilot training programme
for 12 artists.

ONLINE INFORMATION SESSION Tuesday, May 17 at 4:00 p.m. (Spanish time): Register here (link opens on another website)


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