NORDIC STREET Sustainability of the Arts, 9-11 June 2022 Helsingør + Helsingborg

NORDIC STREET Sustainability of the Arts
Conversations and discussions about the future of performing arts in public space

9-11 June 2022 Helsingør + Helsingborg

PASSAGE Festival invites artists, creators, performers, and everyone with an interest in performing arts, to join a conversation about the future of performing arts in public space. About the framework, conditions, and the role of outdoor arts.

NORDIC STREET Sustainability of the Arts is our first step towards real dialogues and exchange of knowledge between professionals from all specters performing arts in public space. The ambition is to continue the conversations and develop a long-term platform for theatre festivals and performing artists in the North of Europe.


This first conversation will bring the artists’ experiences, wishes and visions for a sustainable future into focus. It will put art and sustainability up for discussion, with a wish to create a different programme format, that emphasizes dialogue, co-thinking and in-depth discussions: How can performing arts tap into this agenda on sustainability and contribute to shaping our future? What kind of conditions do the future performing arts have in public space? What are the possibilities and limitations of digitalisation? And how can we continue to ensure international exchange?


Since NORDIC STREET is presented by PASSAGE Festival, the programme will take place at both Dunkers kulturhus in Helsingborg, Sweden and various places in Helsingør, Denmark. The programme will be a mix of conversations, debates, discussions and an international artistic programme.

See the preliminary programme and read more on registration fees  at

Deadline for registration: 25 May 2022 

Note! Signup for digitale programme: The digitale programme is free but requires registration. Information regarding registration will be available soon!

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NORDIC STREET is organised by PASSAGE Festival (Helsingør Teater and Dunkers kulturhus) as a part of the largescale innovation expo H22 City Expo in Helsingborg

The programme is created in collaboration with CKI – Danish Centre for Arts and Interculture, CatCh – Center for Art, Design and Technology and Halmstad International Street Theatre Festival

Contributors: Foundation INITIUM (LV) and Malmö University, Center for interaction design (more to be announced)

NORDIC STREET is supported by: Perform Europe, H22 City Expo, Nordic Culture Foundation, the Helsingør-Helsingborg Collaboration, Region Skåne and Event in Skåne