The Sphere: Circus Open Call – for Circus Next laureates from past 20 years

The Sphere is super happy to present a Circus Open Call – an exciting new proposition for circus artists and companies that are up for experimentation and co creation. Enjoy!

The Sphere is an EU-funded research project about how to fund, create and share circus in new and radical ways.

During the month of November The Sphere is reaching out to all the past artists and companies from the last 20 years of CircusNext history. The Open Call is open Nov 1–31.

We are calling for all the companies that have been CircusNext laureates during the past 20 years to be part of an experiment in collective curation, audience engagement, and alternative ecologies of funding that will be developed over the next 2 years.

In close collaboration with developers and EU partners the project proceeds to explore the possibilities to connect live performances to interactive digital representations presented in a 3D gallery to be voted on and invested in in multiple ways.

During 2022 the Open Call will extend to all artists interested in reviving past works and exploring new funding opportunities. 

Explore the Open Call PDF’s on website: