Open Call: Eastern European contemporary circus festival CYRKULACJE

In the competition, artists from/based in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Finland, Ukraine, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Belarus are invited to present their disciplines in unique acts. Each act has a chance to win one of three main jury awards and special prizes, including the Best Trick Prize, the Media Prize – and of course – especially precious for every artist – the Audience Prize. But the event is not only about prizes, as participants can confirm:

”Cyrkulacje is an amazing opportunity to perform in an amazing, professional space with hardworking and passionate performers. For as much as it is a competition, it never felt as such. We all worked as a team and supported each other which is beautiful to see as I believe circus performers can be quite competitive. It is such a great opportunity not just to perform on that stage and network but for me especially to be able to get advice from professionals within the contemporary circus field to help improve and develop your work.” (CYRKULACJE 2020 participant)

Promotional Video:
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The contest will be held on 8-10 October 2021. The rehearsals start on Monday 5th October.
The deadline for applications is on 30th June 2021:

You can find more information on our website