Trapezi’s Audiovisuals Works Awards

This year, the Trapezi Fair proposes a new activity, an international competition aiming to give visibility to circus and its context through the audiovisual language, original pieces of short formats between 4-10 minutes. These awards have two categories: 
– Circus Experiences: works created from a documentary or historical point of view featuring projects, tours, history, documentation, trajectories, social circus experiences or creation processes which bring circus closer to the general audience. 

– Circus Art: works focused on ways to explore circus through the audiovisual media. These works must convey circus’ beauty, feats, risk, personal endurance, technical excellence or body narrative. 

The call will be open until the 30th April (this day included). Only one work will be awarded for each category and the monetary award is of €2000 for both categories. For further information about Rules and Condition, check HERE (link opens on another website). We hope to receive your proposal and we would appreciate it if you can share this information with people who might be interested. This way we all contribute to a wider participation.