Työtä tarjolla: Artistic director / Rotterdam Circusstad

In the last ten years, Stichting Rotterdam Circusstad – ‘Rotterdam Circus City’ – has grown to become  a multi-disciplinary institution. It promotes new circus theatre, which has experienced an explosion in  growth in the Netherlands with the creation of two internationally prominent circus academies.  Rotterdam Circusstad has been the driving force behind innumerable projects, not just at a  professional level, but in the community as well. The most prominent project is the annual Circusstad Festival, when a broad range of Dutch and international top circus is presented. 

The departure of its founder Maaike van Langen means that Circusstad is now looking for a new  artistic director. In collaboration with the managing director, the artistic director will be responsible  for the senior management and direction of the organisation. The senior management develops  policy for programming, audience experience, talent development, and participation and translates it  into concrete projects. The artistic director provides substance to the programming of the Circusstad  Festival and projects in the area of talent development and social circus with international  developments in circus as compass and the city of Rotterdam as inspiration. The artistic director is  the face of the festival, as the person with ultimate artistic responsibility.  

In January 2021 a new culture plan began, allowing the organisation, with the support of the  municipality of Rotterdam and the Performing Arts Fund NL, to build in the broadest sense on the  development of circus theatre in the Netherlands for another four years.  

Rotterdam Circusstad  

Intense collaboration is being undertaken in Rotterdam to make it the circus city – circusstad – of the  Netherlands. The close co-operation between theatres, companies, academies and youth and welfare work  had already delivered a strong, cultural climate for circus in Rotterdam. The Circusstad Festival is the climax  of these activities and functions as a flywheel for the development of projects that promote audiences for,  and the practice and creation of, circus theatre.  

Our mission:  

The magic of the new circus 

Rotterdam Circusstad contributes to the development of a strong sector for circus theatre by presenting  and producing innovative examples of the art in the Netherlands. In the conviction that circus theatre can  make a significant contribution to the diversity of the performing arts and the development of audiences for  those arts, we want to: 

  • Ensure that the genre circus theatre flourishes as an innovative performing art 
  • Help young talent and new makers develop professionally 
  • Increase the diversity and size of audiences for the art 
  • Exploit the social power of circus for participation and empowerment 
  • Promote Rotterdam as a lively, international, culture city in the city itself, the Netherlands and abroad. 

Your challenge 

Rotterdam Circusstad is developing from a festival organisation into a broader institution that  initiates projects in the area of talent development, education and social circus throughout the year. 

Main task of the artistic director is the prospection of companies and programming of Circusstad  Festival. As artistic director, you will be representing the organisation and its collaboration in various  national and international networks. You will take the initiative to engage in new partnerships and  you will use your knowledge and network to translate policy into an inspiring programme at a high  artistic level. 

You are hands-on in in executing projects. As ‘first among equals’, you will be an example for  teammates, give direction to the organisation, supervise circus artists and organisers in giving artistic  shape to their projects and you will develop new policy for the period after 2024. An important  priority is making the organisation more diverse and inclusive in accordance with the principles of the  Cultural Diversity Code. 


In your application we would like to read how your profile and vision fits this vacancy.  

We offer:  

– A long-term collaboration, preferably in a self-employed construction. 

– Commitment in consultation, 2 – 2.5 days per week.  

– Salary in accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement for Drama and Dance [CAO  Theater en Dans], scale 10. 

– A responsible role in an interesting and innovative festival organisation. 

– An enthusiastic team with nice, self-reliant colleagues.  

Rotterdam Circusstad is endeavouring to create a diverse team. 


Are you our new artistic director? Are you ready for Rotterdam? Send your CV with covering letter no later than 12th March to the board of Rotterdam Circusstad via Dirk Evers, managing director,

For more information, you can contact the board via

The interviews with candidates and the final selection will be undertaken by a selection committee consisting of a delegation from the board of trustees and the executive director.