From Start to Finnish showcase 2021: Call for application

From Start to Finnish is an annual showcase event dedicated to promoting Finnish performing arts at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Since its establishment in 2011, the showcase has presented over 30 Finnish works at the renowned festival.

We are currently looking for 3-5 works for the upcoming showcase in August 2021. Genres of the works we intend to present include, but are not limited to text-based theatre, physical theatre, contemporary dance, contemporary circus and music. Innovative works that are created to be performed online are especially welcome. We generally prefer works that are shorter than 75 minutes.

Based on the information currently available, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe will go ahead in August either physically or virtually. The dates for the festival are provisionally set as 06 to 30 August. In case of a physical festival, From Start to Finnish will cover all travel, marketing and PR expenses as well as limited venue and technical expenses in relation to the participation in the festival. In case of a virtual festival, From Start to Finnish will organise an online showcase programme and cover related expenses.

Please submit your application HERE by Monday 08 March at 23.59 Finnish time.

We are giving an online presentation about the showcase including a Q&A session via Zoom (LINK, passcode 324618) on Thursday 25 February at 15.00 Finnish time.

For any questions, please contact .