Circus and its Others’: CIRCUS 2021 – Adaptations and possibilities 16.1. online

CIRCUS 2021: Adaptations and possibilities 

Saturday, January 16, 2021, 10 AM EST , with participants across 11 time zones
(in Finland at 17.00)

The free panel discussion takes place on Zoom. The Zoom ID to join is 869 0710 9822.

Circus and its Others’ conference planned for Davis, California has been rescheduled for November 2021. But we didn’t want to wait until that gathering to pursue our inquiries and to stay in touch!

This is our second of several virtual events to happen over the course of the next months. Come discover and discuss circus’s multiple possibilities in a time of Covid, with artists and scholars from across the planet. We invite you to explore videos from our panelists on our website prior to the panel (available at )

Saturday, January 16, 2021, 10 AM EST, with participants across 11 time zones.

Circus and its Others welcomes this new year with our second digital event CIRCUS 2021: Adaptations and possibilities.

This global workshop will provide artists and scholars from all over the world a chance to reflect on the challenges imposed by COVID-19 within the circus world. Practitioners were invited to produce a piece of media representing their perspectives on circus and COVID-19. How are they and their communities responding to social distancing, digital platforms, governmental regulations and changes in the entertainment business? How are they embodying and responding to the ‘new reality’? Isolated training and performances, collective actions, research through social media, adapting circus spaces, and finding new scenarios to train and perform in are some of the answers. Direct contact with the public, mobility and money are the questions that remain – not everywhere, though.

These circus artists and scholars will come together on Saturday 16th January to exchange their experiences while reimagining circus for 2021. What are the lessons learnt and what’s coming next? This is an opportunity to come together as a community to complement different approaches while taking advantage of digital tools to expand our circus networks and to learn about circus realities across the globe.

Curated and organised by: Olga Lucia Sorzano
Website and communication design: Russ Martin

The free panel discussion takes place on Zoom. The Zoom ID to join is 869 0710 9822.

Thank you to Global Affairs, The Department of Theatre and Dance, and The Performance Studies Graduate Group at the University of California, Davis; and the Match of Minds program at Brock University for their support.