Marino Clown Company’s 2020

  • Imaginary Stages exhibition.

The projects of Marino Clown Company (link leads to another site) are inclusive, adaptable, comfortable, and fun for people. We believe art and creativity can help break down differences, encourage empathy & make people happier. That is why this 2020, we have tried to make an extra effort to carry our projects forward despite these uncertain times.

We start 2020 with the third exhibition, related to the circus. Making a retrospective of Luis Sartori Do Vale’s (link leads to another site) work and taking it to the gallery of the cultural center of Caisa. The Imaginary Stages is a beautiful exhibition formed by a collection of interactive installations based on performances from the artist Luis Sartori do Vale. The exhibition inviting the audience to experiment with part of its original props and set designs, having a chance to feel part of the performances itself. Imaginary Stages are visual metaphors presented without a shell, sharing feelings in an intimate space through the body, space, and objects. The  exhibition is part of the catalogue Circus for All Ages and was organized by CircusInfo Finland in cooperation with Caisa and Bravo! Performing Arts Festival.

We Future is a project produced by Tatiana Sololieva and Pablo Alvarez for Catalysti association in World Village Festival. We Future, is an installation that simulates a refugee reception center for asylum seekers and turns it into a playground. Also, the idea was to presented performances of clowns simulating the Changing of the Guards. Inside the container, there will be a photo exhibition of Clowns Without Borders (link leads to another site) organization. The project’s idea arose after the experience in a transit zone with Clown Without Borders in Hungary near Serbia’s border in 2019. The project was canceled due to sanitary restrictions due to the COVID19 virus.

Also, we have to cancel a small tour through different festivals with the musician Platon Buravicky (link leads to another site). The performance Magda is the new crip icon of our Neo-Baroque Era. A clown, who claims the others’ memory, subverted the normative imaginary and criticism of totalizing discourses. Magda is a performance full of honesty, freedom, and a distinct sense of humor.

In autumn, we produce the Kolibri Festival (link leads to another site). The festival is a unique multicultural, free and open art festival for children and their families. Join us for a week of workshops, performances, exhibitions, and fun for the whole family. Kolibrí program combines various activities, ranging from workshops, storytelling, performances, exhibitions, and debates for the whole family, from babies to teenagers. On this 5th anniversary of Kolibrí, we will travel to the AMAZONIA, the heart of the World. We’ll get to know and be amazed by its biodiversity, the variety of its indigenous communities, and their ancestral knowledge and cultures.

Finally, the fifth edition of the Finland Clown Fest has been postponed for next year due to sanitary restrictions. The artistic program collaborates with Alexander Komlosi, Researcher, Center for Educational Research and Academic Development in the Arts (CERADA), University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland. In this 5th edition, we want to explore the genealogy of clown and revive the 20th century’s legacies. We will approach the clown from different concepts related: memory, technology, and wellbeing. A hybrid program that mixes digital and face-to-face ends with the award ceremony for the best clown.

We are grateful to TAIKE, for granting us aid for all the cancellations and support our work.

We wish you a prosperous new year with peace and love.

Pablo Alvarez