Marino Clown Company: Creating a Clown Society in 2019

  • (Kuva: Daniel Oros, Studio Exilio)
  • (Kuva: Cvijeta Miljak, National Theatre)
  • (Kuva: Paula Lee / Pascal Benbrik)

Thanks to all the people who support our work during all these years… Kiitos, tack and gracias!!!
Marino Clown Company, It is established in Helsinki. We are focused in clown-based research. Our projects are inclusive, adaptable, comfortable and fun for people. We believe art and creativity can help break down differences, encourage empathy & make people happier. The company values are collaboration, accessibility and flexibility. The vision is create a clown society for better health and well-being of the people.

More information: Marino Clown (siirryt toiselle sivustolle)


We Can Be Heroes! The project aims to create a new narrative of displacement through the figure of Wolf Ruvinskis in his homeland. He was an actor, professional wrestler, magician & comedian. He also created a super hero character called Neutron. The objective of the project is to valorized the rural lifestyle, involve the local community in order to become super heroes for at least one day. It has been made during the Well-being Residence in Sansussi in Latvia with the support of Nordic Culture Point and the colaboration of Riga Circus.

Team Work: Pablo Alvarez, Daniel Oros (Exilio Studio), Daniel Louise (Red Coat Studio) and Diego James.

More info: We can Be Heroes Party (siirryt toiselle sivustolle)


Pelle ”Truth + pain = fun eli hauskan algoritmi”
Pelle is an original comedy about fears, wonders, and encounters with magic in the spirit of magical realism. The presentation asks how to deal with things that cannot be changed.
Playwright: Melli Maikkula
Director: Kaisa-Liisa Logrén
Clown facilitador and Skechs clown design: Pablo Alvarez

More information: National Theatre (siirryt toiselle sivustolle)
Review: Reader, why did I marry him? Valetulenkantajan kirjallinen laboratorio (siirryt toiselle sivustolle)


Cultural Diversity In Circus: Mobilities & Solidarities. This panel discussion organised by Marino Clown Company and Globe Art Point. A circus artist Amandine Doat & a researcher Malte Gasche are invited to discuss mobilities, encounters and solidarities in the circus arts inside and outside of the borders of European territory. Analyzing & establishing a dialogue between the past and the present that allows us to reflect on a more hopeful future.

It was part of the ”Equity – Otherness – Cultural diversity: 3 seminars on Circus Arts event program. A series of talks, meetings and a physical workshop addressing the questions of equity, otherness and cultural diversity in circus are organised collaboratively in Helsinki during 1–2. November, 2019.


10º Aniversary of Clowns Without Borders

This year, the festival is organized jointly with Clowns without Borders, Finland. A way to recognize the commitment of the clowns and share their work with a program with different activities: seminar with special guests, shows, photo exhibition, party and the award for the best clown 2019.

The International Clown festival of Finland has been celebrated for the last five years. In each edition investigates the clown from different perspectives such as the artistic clown, therapeutic clown, activist clown or social clown. In addition to adapting the programming to different artistic disciplines and contexts suitable for a better understanding by the audience. Also, from the last four years the best clown prize is awarded during the festival.

More information: Klovnit ilman rajoja 10-vuotisjuhla (siirryt toiselle sivustolle)

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