Announcing new BNCN project: Rigorous Practise

Baltic-Nordic Circus Network (BNCN) is launching a new project, Rigorous Practise!

A transnational cooperation project focused on capacity-building to practically facilitate circus arts to be presented and co-produced under increased awareness of rigging, contracting and safety practises.

The project will start at the later part of 2019 and run until the summer of 2020. Theatre professionals who work on the technical facilitation and planning side of presenting shows, as well as professionals from rigging companies (who do not work with circus yet) as well as festival technical staff is welcome to join two 3 day masterclasses. One in Stockholm at Cirkus Cirkör and one in Riga at Riga Circus.

More info to come, please register your interest here if you would like to know more/are interested to attend.

The initiative is funded by Nordisk Kulturfond.