Why are networks important? Discussion about the importance of networks within the field of culture 28.03.2019

Associate professor Donatella De Paoli (BI) and professor Lene Foss (UiT) conducted in the autumn 2018 a kvalitative study on the effects of Network Funding aimed at artists and professionals within the field of culture in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Network Funding is part of the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture and it is administered by Nordic Culture Point. The main results of the research will be presented followed by a debate on the importance of networks within the field of culture. 

Donatella De Paoli will lay out the results.

Also, there will be a panel discussion on the importance of networks and collaboration within the field of culture. The participants in the panel are Amy Fee from Sweden, Jenni Koski from the network WIFT Nordic (Finland) and Kaarel Oja, who works as theatre producer in Estonia and is a member of the current Expert Group for Network Funding.

The language of the event is English.

Welcome – you can sign up for the event on 28 March at 2-4 pm here.

Aika: torstai 28.3.2019 klo 14-16
Paikka: Nordic Culture Point, Kaisaniemenkatu 9, Helsinki