Metropolis Residencies 2019 – open call

Call for 15 artists working with performing arts for an international site-specific residency programme in Copenhagen.

Metropolis Residency is a unique international urban residency programme in Copenhagen aimed at performing artists with an interdisciplinary approach, researching, creating and producing in public space and the public realm.

In 2019, Metropolis organises three residencies of one month. Each residency will have a specific focus and each residency will be for five participants.

2-30 June 2019:
Narrating the City
How can we re-write and re-narrate the city and give place to other voices?

30 June-28 July 2019:
Sensing the City
Exploring and mapping the city with a sensuous approach.

11 August-8 Sept. 2019:
Choreographing the City
Moving in and with the city, relating the human body to the city’s flow and the choreography of the everyday.

Deadline for applications: 16 Dec. 2018

NB! Please read the call thoroughly before applying and be sure that your artistic practice fits the residency theme you are applying for. Read the call in more detail on the Metropolis website.

(Lähde: Metropolis – Københavns Internationale Teaterin tiedote 23.11.2018)