Open Call: Etsitään esityksiä, joissa on suomalaisia ja ei-suomalaisia taiteilijoita

Globe Art Point tukee ei-suomalaissyntyisten taiteilijoiden integraatiota suomalaiseen yhteiskuntaan.  Globe Art Point etsii GAP LAB -projektiinsa teoksia taiteilijaryhmiltä, joissa on mukana sekä suomalaisia että ei-suomalaissyntyisiä taiteilijoita. Teokset esitetään Espoon kaupunginteatterin Revontulihallissa syksyn 2018 aikana. Lähetä ehdotuksesi 23.3. mennessä. Lue lisää alla olevasta  ilmoituksesta.

GLOBE ART POINT: Open Call for a program in Espoo City Theater

As part of GAP LAB project, Globe Art Point is looking for artistic proposals to organize a serial of events in collaboration with Espoo City Theater in their main venue Revontulihalli during autumn 2018.

We are seeking for groups where both Finnish and non-Finnish-born artists are represented. Proposals should be easy and quick to adapt to the venue: performances, works-in-progress, demos, spoken word events etc. The time slots are mainly for 1-2 evenings added with some 3-7 days periods.

The theatre will provide their space, technic & technical staff and the marketing. The amount of financial compensation will be confirmed during spring.

Please send your proposals with a description of the artistic content, working group, space & technical requirements, duration of preparation/dismantling, financial details as well as with project’s availability between 22.9.–22.12.2018.

The selection of proposals will be made by artist Teemu Mäki and Espoo City Theater.

This project is part of Globe Art Point’s GAP LAB supported by Suomen Kulttuurirahasto.

Please send your proposal latest on Friday 23.3.2018 to Globe Art Point / Tomi Purovaara, 

The Globe Art Point, established in Helsinki in Autumn 2016, is a center for information and actions for professional non-Finnish-born art and culture workers resident in Finland. It promotes equality and integration in Finnish art and cultural sector in collaboration with other organizations and institutes. The center, opened in Helsinki in May 2017, collects and distributes information, organizes events and developing projects, supports artists´ employment and defend their rights.

The Globe Art Point ry is supported by Finnish Cultural Foundation, Ministry of Education and Culture and Helsinki City.

(Globe Art Pointin tiedote 13.3.2018)