Open Call: French–Finnish Circus Programme

Suomen Tukholman-instituutin ja Institut français de Suèden uudesta ohjelmasta myönnetään tukea yhdelle suomalais–ranskalaiselle sirkusryhmälle Ruotsiin suuntautuvaa kiertuetta varten. Hakuaikaa on 2.4.2018 saakka. Hakuilmoitus on alla englanniksi sekä luettavissa myös pdf:nä.

Created for the first time in 2018, the French – Finnish Circus Programme is a pilot project that offers a travel and production bursary intended for circus companies touring in Sweden. It is created and supported by Finlandsinstitutet and the Institut français de Suède.

This Programme is created in order to support the numerous circus companies that consist of both French and Finnish circus artists, who are registered as companies in France and Finland and/or include both French and Finnish circus artists and musicians within the creation or performances of their shows.

The French-Finnish Circus Programme awards 3000 euros to one company touring in Sweden during that calendar year. In order to be eligible, the company must have at least two confirmed dates in two different cities in Sweden in 2018. Half of this sum must go to travel costs, and the other half may be used for other production costs, such as marketing etc. After a completed tour we require a summary of costs in relation to the original budget.

Deadline for applications: 2 April 2018

Submissions of interest can be made via the link below:

Please note that this is a pilot project and we are constantly striving to better our support and funding. We, therefore, appreciate all feedback and detailed data for the improvement of this project and future funding.

(Suomen Tukholman-instituutin tiedote 26.2.2018)