Etsitään esityksiä: Stephan Mazur’s Varietespektakel (Köln, Saksa)

Varietespektakel is looking for artists for two cabaret productions

so as Handstand. Akrobatik, Juggling, Aerials etc.

Artists needs one ore more acts and will also take part in dance and group scenes

Varietespektakel in Cologne Bonn

from 17. Juli up to 01. September 2018 at Senftöpfchen Theatre and Pantheon Bonn

we will create a story with strange characters in an spooky castle, like Dracula, Frankenstein, Frank-N-Further and the White Women

stage size 5×4 m 5 m high

Varietespektakel at Veranstaltungszentrum Schloss Köthen

from 10. up to 23. September 2018 at castle Köthen

We will create a Show which tells the history of „Schlager“ a kind of German chansons. It is necessary to perform the acts on that music in collaboration with us.

stage size 6×4 m 7 m high

Bewerbungen Please apply with clips of your acts to:

Stephan Masur

or Stephan Masur / Ewaldistraße 14/50670 D-Cologne /Germany