European conference: Think Circus!#2, Paris, May 17–19


European conference  May 17-19, 2017 @La Villette

An overview of the five years of an innovative project and a look toward the future are the two pillars on which to rely to engage a reflection for the European conference Think Circus! #2. CircusNext has been an experimental laboratory for contemporary circus, for new writings, for emerging authors and audiences, but also for cultural operators who accompany circus artists across Europe. What would be the issues of a collective discussion prompted by this project? And tomorrow, what will circus look like? What kind of challenges will it have to tackle ?

The European conference will give the floor to those who participated in, accompanied, reflected on or observed CircusNext, to think together the circus of today and of tomorrow. Far from giving answers, the conference will offer a complex vision of what circus arts and cooperation networks are, accepting uncertainty and contradictions. There will be numerous issues raised, but all will be fertile and will nurture future projects.

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