Työtä tarjolla: Artist Consultant Subcase 2017

Subcase is a showcase of contemporary circus produced by Subtopia, annually gathering 150-200 international performing arts professionals for a 4 day program of Nordic circus performances and presentations.

Subcase was established in 2009, and has since then developed its outreach and concept, each year with a stronger interest in the relationship between artist and presenter. What is the relationship between the artistic and the presenting processes? What is the mutual understanding? We believe that artists and presenters need to share with one another their views on production, audience, costs, financing, visions and dreams.

At Subcase 2017 we take a next step into this maze by engaging 3 circus artists as consultants for the shaping of the event. They will committ to attending a number of meetings, where their job is to consult Subcase on how to organize the selection process and the event itself. The artist consultants will have the possibility to influence how their art form is represented at Subcase 2017 and at the same time gain inside knowledge on how Subcase is produced. Read more about the job, the criterias and how to apply here.

Deadline March 5.