NuoraNORD – a new development project for circus companies and communities in the Baltic and Nordic region

NuoraNORD is a project for young circus companies and communities struggling in becoming established. The project aims for the stabilization and development of production structures of circus companies from the Baltic and Nordic region. The project will kick off in October 2017.

Coordinated by CircusInfo Finland, the project focuses in providing the young circus companies with knowledge and skills on strategic thinking and planning as well as long-term sustainable development. Other project partners are Pievilcigas pilsetvides biedriba / Re Riga! Festival in Latvia, Menu spaustuve / Arts Printing House in Lithuania, Manegen in Sweden and Baltic Nordic Circus Network. The project has been granted 40 000 euros from Nordic Culture Point (Nordisk kulturkontakt).

The project is carried out through workshops and mentoring sessions. In total four workshops will be arranged, one in each partner country. From each country two producers or artists from two different companies will be selected to take part in all the workshops. The project creates new international connections between participating producers and artists, thus, it lays a solid ground also for future collaboration.

The project is based on the good experiences from Nuora mentoring project for the young Finnish circus companies carried out by CircusInfo Finland in 2015–2016. Concurrently with NuoraNORD CircusInfo continues with NuoraMentors project, which develops both artistic and production abilities of young circus companies, producers and artists in Finland.

More information about NuoraNORD will be available in September.