Members and Board

CircusInfo Finland is an association and any other registered association or other incorporated society that is active in the circus field may apply for membership of CircusInfo Finland. Currently, we have 21 member organisations. 

The board is the decisive organ of CircusInfo Finland. The board constitutes of individual board members who are nominated and selected by the member organisations.

List of member organisations


Blind Gut Company

Circo Aereo

Circus Ruska

Cirko – Center for New Circus

Company New World

Cross-art Collective Piste

Dance theatre Hurjaruuth

Finnish Youth Circus Association

Hiljaisuus Organization

Kallo Collective


Osuuskunta Sirkus Aikamoinen

Race Horse Company

Recover Laboratory

Sirkus Faktori

Sirkus- ja teatteriyhdistys Lumous ry / Lumo Company

Sirkus Magenta

Sirkusyhdistys Varpaat ilmassa ry / Zero Gravity Company

Theatre Centre

Union of Dance and Circus Artists Finland