Studies and Reports

Nordic Circus Survey

Jutta Virolainen: Nordic Circus Survey.
CircusInfo Finland 2012.

The Nordic circus survey by CircusInfo Finland examines circus arts in all Nordic countries in relation to youth circus, education and training in circus, as well as circus professionals, both individual artists and circus companies. The survey shows statistics on working conditions, funding structures and current challenges as well as future opportunities in the field of circus arts in Nordic countries. Project researcher Jutta Virolainen wrote the survey as part of the final report of the Nordic Circus Year 2011, coordinated by CircusInfo Finland together with the New Nordic Circus Network NNCN.

Download Nordic Circus Survey (pdf)

Circus arts education and employment in Finland

The survey commissioned by CircusInfo Finland examines how Finnish graduated circus artists find work and how well the teaching content of professional circus schools fits the needs of employers.

The survey was carried out in 2009 by sending a questionnaire to all graduated students and the ones still studying a professional circus degree in Finland. In addition six circus artists’ employers were interviewed, including representatives of traditional circuses, contemporary companies, youth circus schools, and theatres. The publication reviews the structures of the circus field and education. Furthermore, it maps out circus professionals’ current job descriptions, sources of income and experiences of the education received. The survey is published in Finnish on Arts Promotion Centre Finland website.

Riikka Åstrand: Sirkusalan ammatillinen koulutus ja työelämä.
Työpapereita – Working papers no 49. Taiteen keskustoimikunta 2010. Helsinki. ISSN 0788-5318 ISBN 978-952-5253-80-1.

Riikka Åstrand: A summary of the results (presented at the Seminar ”Future Circus Arts Education” in Turku, Finland in 2011). Download the pdf (in English).