What We Do

CircusInfo Finland provides information services on professional circus in Finland. It supports the artistic and cultural development of Finnish circus art through its strong networks, promotional activities and mentoring. Founded in 2006, it receives yearly funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture.

We collect and distribute information on Finnish circus professionals, performances and companies. We maintain a reference library on circus literature and collect newspaper clippings on Finnish circus together with video material. We organise also workshops and mentoring for Finnish circus professionals in order to increase their potential for success.

Every year we compile statistics and reports related to activity in the Finnish circus field to aid political decision-making. We are strong national partner in advocacy and lobbying for the circus art.

International collaboration

We support and coordinate the promotion of Finnish circus by creating and maintaining international relationships and contacts. We organize Finnish circus showcase events with networking opportunities for circus professionals and present Finnish circus in international performing arts fairs, seminars and gatherings.

Finnish circus has strong international networks and is a successful cultural export product. We are both the physical and online contact point for any information on Finnish circus.

We are an active member in several international networks and participate in several international collaboration projects, which focus on creating opportunities for professionals in the field.

We are open for collaborations with international festivals and venues focusing on Finnish circus performances. We are always looking for partners and collaborators in sharing information and best practices in the field.

Reference library

The reference library of CircusInfo Finland is located in our office in Helsinki, Kruununhaka district. It is open to all public, but we kindly ask you to make an appointment with our personnel prior to your visit.

You can browse the publications in a Google sheet. They are sorted by classes on shelves in alphabetical order. Use Find (ctrl+f /cmd+f) to search for a word. You can also download the data and then sort it.