A small scale street show for the youngsters, the grandparents and everyone in between.

Dear audience, the small circus has arrived to the streets! DuoJag awakens the essential tradition of circus, where the small circus troupes would tour from town to another, gathering together the townfolk to enjoy the performance together. The performance dives into the soulscape of the Finns accompanied by golden hits from the 50's guaranteed to make your hips swing. Gather around to see the miracles of the circus; swing dance, Finland's smallest cyr-ring and the most stylish way of exercise: roller skating! Only for you can we reveal the secret behind the mind-blowing tricks of the artists. It is fresh, real coffee.

Duration: 30 min.
World premiere: 20.5.2017 Eastern Block party of Culture Center Stoa, Helsinki, Finland

Genre: For all ages


DuoJag from SirkusAikamoinen on Vimeo.