Mönttilaiva is a participatory contemporary art and circus performance for children.

In Mönttilaiva, kids can dive into the magical, bubbly underwater wonderland, where they can experience contemporary art. They can touch, participate, look and imagine. The immersive installation consists of interactive jellyfish sculptures, softly humming Möntti-sculptures (those white lumps!). The Mönttilaiva is inhabited by two artists, a musician and a performance artist, who interact with the audience and sometimes show their funniest otherworldly tricks.

Mönttilaiva offers a fun platform to develop their own thoughts, meanings, and games. In its light minimalism, the installation leaves space for the audience’s own imagination – as opposed to a pre-narrated story. It provides a gentle counterbalance to our hectic everyday life and constant flow of visual stimuli that we are subjected to.

Duration: Kestoton / Non-durational
World premiere: 2016, Suomenlinna

Genre: Contemporary circus