Around is a contemporary circus performance about the life of a small circus group, their mutual relations and overcoming difficulties through co-operation. Arriving with their caravan of hobby-horses the circus transforms an empty stage to a dashing arena during the show, using small pieces to form a great whole. Using acrobatics, object manipulation and physical theater the circus director and princess along with the musicians build a platform for the circus numbers consisting of juggling, acrobatics, hula hoops, soap bubbles, mime, clownery and break-dancing.

All this is accompanied by live music composed for the piece imaginatively fusing electronic music with traditional band instruments. A drum machine roars, buckets are drummed, vivid sound of an acoustic guitar joins the buzzing of a baritone ukulele. The musicians accompany the performers as in traditional circus, creating a world within the theme of the show.

Duration: 40 min
World premiere: 7.8.2016 Hippalot-festivaali, Hämeenlinnan Kaupunginteatteri, Hämeenlinna

Genre: Contemporary circus, For all ages


Race Horse Company: Around / Ympäri Ämpäri (trailer) from Race Horse Company on Vimeo.