UpsideDown tells stories of growing up and dealing with our own insecurities.
How do we stay self-confident? And how do we keep believing in our dreams when people try to put us down?

The performers draw from their own experiences, telling stories about dreams, courage and bullying with warmth and humour. Acrobatics, handstanding and unicycle bring life to the stories in a unique way. By combining storytelling with physical theatre and circus the performers create a moving and exhilarating show which is against bullying. The show will touch your heart and thrill your senses.

Interaction between the performers and the audience is an important part of the show. The interactive conversation after the show gives the audience a possibility to process what they’ve seen and talk with the performers. The show’s Instagram account @ylosalas is a great way to stay in touch with the audience after the show.

#courage #dreams #beyourself
These are the themes that UpsideDown is made of.

Duration: 25min min + interakiivinen keskustelu/ + interactive discussion
World premiere: 14.12.2015

Genre: Contemporary circus