I step on the wire. I breathe. I am.

Tight Wire Meditation is a performance in a public space, in which contemporary circus artist Netta Reunanen practices walking meditation on a tight wire for 60 minutes. In walking meditation, one walks while listening to one’s bodily events, being aware but without criticizing. With Tight Wire Meditation, Reunanen seeks for connection to herself and her surrounding world.

When I walk on the wire I´m fully present in the moment. At its best, it feels like time expands. When I´m walking, I am well aware of every cell and movement in my body. Thoughts don’t control me, I just am. The ability to be present in a moment is enhanced.

Duration: 60 minuuttia
World premiere: 6.8.2021 Kirkkopuisto, Jyväskylä.

Genre: Contemporary circus