Contemporary circus performance that was supposed to be composed for one but is now performed by four. Celebrating the inescapable act of mourning – facing the overwhelming, overtaking and paralyzing force of dreams and futures lost.

This chain of acts on stage is created and performed to honor everybody whose dreams, love, identities and imagined universes were destroyed and who --- did not make it. This is to remember all those who disappeared. Were lost. Are forgotten.

Lilies is composed of scenes on and under the tight wire, live music, words spoken and silenced, flowers blooming and dying. By way of better understanding we wish to open a window for hope.

“For me time excists as 'before and after'. I am not quite sure where one can draw the line. I only know that 'before' comes across as movement, spirals, jumps – air under my feet, freedom. 'After' is filled with memories of me, what should have been, what was coming and where I was going. 'After' is longing, loneliness and sorrow.”
(Reija Tapaninen)

Duration: 60 min
World premiere: 12.09.2019 Jyväskylän kaupunginteatteri, Pieni näyttämö

Genre: Contemporary circus