Circus I love you

Our performance is a cross-composition of live music and circus arts, using the composition tools of long musical pieces like progressive rock, jazz or classical music. The performers of Circus I love you are 8 swiss army knife -acrobat/musicians from Denmark, Finland, France and Sweden. Our circus is absurd, death defying, simple and happy. It is the logical continuum of the slow life -trend, standing for voluntary simplicity, sustainable development and culture for all. We direct our power of action into a family friendly show promoting peace and love. The performance premiered in July 2018 in France, and toured the summer 2018 in France, Lithuania and Sweden performing 23 times, reaching an audience of over 5000 people and playing 2 music concerts along the way.

Duration: 1h
World premiere: 29.6.2018 Le Mans, France

Genre: Contemporary circus, For all ages