Finnish circus reaches all corners of the world

During the year 2015 circus companies and Cirko – Center for new circus organised altogether 495 performances in Finland (in 2014: 722) and 532 performances abroad (in 2014: 443).

The aggregate attendance of Finnish contemporary circus companies in the year of 2015 was 59.051 spectators in Finland (in 2014: 70.789) and 118.991 spectators abroad (in 2014: 97.810).

Compared to the previous year the numbers of performances and spectators in Finland show a decrease (perf. -31%, spect. -17%) and abroad an increase (perf. +22%, spect. +20%).

It is characteristic for the international nature of circus art that more than a half (53%) of the performances and more than two thirds of the spectators (69%) for Finnish contemporary circus companies took place outside Finland. In 2014 the share of performances abroad was just over a third (38%) and of spectators over a half (58%).

Finnish circus companies’ tours reach all corners of the world. During 2015 Finnish circus companies visited a total of 30 countries: besides 20 European countries also in Australia, South Korea, Japan, Canada, Kuwait, Madagascar, Mexico, Panama, New Zealand and the USA.

The 18 circus companies and five working groups included in the statistics produced altogether 33 first premieres in 2015. The statistics include a repertoire list of the companies.

The number of circus performances compiled in the statistics of 2015 was altogether 1.268. The number contains performances produced by traditional circuses (241 performances) and by the contemporary circus companies (1.027 performances).

The aggregate attendance of the circus performances was 376.491 spectators in 2015. Out of these performances the contemporary circus companies gathered an audience of 178.042 spectators and traditional circuses gathered an audience of  198.449 spectators.

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