Finnish circus gathered an audience of nearly half a million spectators

The number of circus performances compiled in the statistics of 2012 was all together 1 340. This is one performance less than in 2011.

The aggregate attendance of the circus performances was 456 759 spectators in 2012. The number has increased by 10 % from 2011.

The growth of both the number of circus performances as well as their audiences has been very strong in the past years. During the last 5-year period 2008-2012 the number of performances has grown by 67% and the number of audiences by 44%. During the period of analysis, both the amount of new companies and the scale of the activities of the more established circus companies have grown.

Finnish circus companies gathered an audience of 130 000 spectators outside Finland

The number of contemporary circus performances compiled in the statistics of 2012 was 1090 performances in total. Compared to the figures of the previous year the number has increased by 13 performances, representing 1.2%.

The aggregate attendance of Finnish contemporary circus companies in the year of 2011 was 108 532 spectators in Finland and 128 227 spectators abroad. More than a half of all spectators for Finnish circus companies performances are from outside Finland. The number of spectators has increased by 31% from previous year.

It is characteristic for the international nature of circus art that nearly a half (39%) of the performances and more than a half of the spectators for Finnish contemporary circus companies take place outside Finland.

During 2012 thirteen Finnish circus companies visited a total of 22 countries: besides 16 European countries also in Israel, Korea, New Zealand, Panama, the USA and Canada. Of the flagship companies Circo Aereo made a 10-performance tour in the USA and Canada, Race Horse Company made a tour of 19 performances in the Benelux countries and WHS continued it’s long-term cooperation in Korea.

The 20 circus companies included in the statistics produced altogether 45 first premieres in 2012. For the first time the statistics include also a list of repertoire of the companies.