DISCONNECTION: Casting call for circus artists at Cirko 31.10. and 1.11.2020

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a circus artist for DISCONNECTION, a contemporary circus art piece premiering during spring 2021. The concept of the performance is based on circus director Meri-Maija Näykki’s final project of MA Directing Circus degree programme at Circomedia in Bristol. During spring 2021 we will finalize the work as part of the Dance Theater Minimi’s repertoire.

We are looking for a circus artist for the role of a horse’s backside. Yes, we are looking for a bum. To successfully bring the horse’s derriere to life, we would like you to have at least basic basing skills and also at least one strong solo discipline. In addition, you should be interested in task-based movement improvisation as well as the ability to work in a team in a shared process. You should also commit to the principles of safe space which we apply in our work. Due to the already existing cast, our working language is English.

To be selected, you need to commit to the production schedule:
1.2.–2.2. Pre workshop in Kuopio
19.4.–18.5.2021 Rehearsal period at Joensuu NÄYTTÄMÖ theater
19.5.–22.5.2021 Premiere and two further performances on the MARIA stage in Kuopio
28.–30.5.2021 Performances at Joensuu STAGE Theater

In addition, there are plans to tour the performance in Finland during 2021–2022.

If you are chosen for the role, you will sign a contract of employment with Dance Theater Minimi. Salary is paid according to  Finnish performers’ union collective agreement. Accommodation and travelling costs are covered.

It is also possible to participate in the audition in the spirit of a more general willingness to cooperate. So if you do not feel that you are not the behind we are looking for or the project schedule is not suitable for you, you are still warmly welcome to the audition. We would like to get to  know you and see what you can do.

What happens in the audition?

We are organising the auditions over two days on 31.10. and 1.11.2020, so that each performer needs to attend on only one of the days. During the day we do group exercises and everyone will also have their own solo time. We will create a more detailed schedule  for the casting days during week 44 based on schedule requests and space requirements of the solo disciplines.

How do I register for the audition?

Register for the audition by 27.10. by 24:00 by sending the following information via e-mail to

– Name, date of birth, place of residence, phone number & email adress
– Do you have time restrictions concerning the weekend of 31.10.-1.11.2020?
– Do you have space requirements for your solo discipline?

– Are you taking part in the audition for the horses back role in DISCONNECTION -project or for future possibilities only?

As attachment:
– Introduce yourself as a performer and artist (max half A4 in PDF form)
– CV with a photo (PDF)
– Link to a video in which you perform, move or practice your discipline

About the show:

situation in which two or more things are not connected the way they should be.

-Cambridge Dictionary

But what is the way we should connect with each other?
Who does this “right way” serve?

DISCONNECTION is a “melanchomedy” that deals with the dilemma of connection through the metaphor of a pantomime horse. The work utilizes the means of mask theater, traditional horse circus and contemporary circus thinking. The basic concept of the upcoming performance follows the Circomedia thesis work of 2018, but we will put more flesh on the proverbial horse bones together with the performers. We provide more information about the work in the beginning of each of the audition days.

Watch the trailer of the work-in-progress version by clicking this link. (link opens on another website)

Concept and direction – Meri-Maija Näykki
Sound design – Markus Tapio
Performers – Jodie Williams (aerial acrobat, horse’s front end, original line-up), Noomi Forslund (dancer, Dance Theater Minimi) & the performer we are looking for now

The work is Dance Theater Minimi’s production.

In collaboration with Sirkus Supiainen/NÄYTTÄMÖ, Art Promotion Center, TelepArt Foundation.

Further information:
Meri-Maija Näykki / Director                                      
040 567 3128,