Virtual coffee time for circus professionals in May

Coffee & chat over the internet

Hello, circus people all over Finland (and elsewhere)! Due to the special circumstances this Spring, our almost-traditional morning coffees for circus professionals have moved online. Come meet your colleagues and chat about what’s up!

We’re arranging morning coffee meets for all circus professionals over Google Hangouts. You can join via a public link. The link will be shared on this page always a week before the scheduled meetup.

Wednesday May 27, 10–11.30 am  Where can foreign-born circus artists find relevant information regarding living and working in Finland? Morning coffee discussion with Globe Art Point, CircusInfo Finland and circus artists Amandine Doat and Simon Llewellyn as invited guests.  Join the discussion and share your thoughts and experiences in Google Hangouts.

Open link to join the morning coffee:

See you on the internet, bring your own coffee! ☕️
Event on Facebook (link opens on another site)
Past events:

Wednesday 6 May, 10–11.30 am Circus news chat.
Just general discussion and chatting about how is everyone doing in this exceptional situation. You can join us whenever is suitable for your own schedule. You are welcome to participate in English as well, especially this Wednesday.

Wednesday 13 May, 10.30 am – 12 pm Focus in Germany.
Invited guests include Josa Kölbel (Berlin Circus Festival), Andrée Wenzel (BUZZ Bundesverband Zeitgenössischer Zirkus), Susanne von Essen (Fusion Festival, At.tension Festival) and Mika Minetti (The Finnish Institute in Germany). Join the discussion to hear news from the contemporary circus scene in Germany today.

Tuesday 19 May, 14–16 pm  Discussion about the possible fusion of CircusInfo Finland and Dance Info Finland.
Come listen and discuss what the merging of these two organizations would mean for the circus field. Moderated by managing director Lotta Vaulo.

Wednesday 20 May, 10–11 am Coffee with Assitej – an association of performing arts for young audiences.
Assitej Finland’s chairperson Pisko Aunola and organization secretary Tanja Turpeinen tell us about Assitej’s activities and international networks.