– dance on the deserts of tomorrow –

Ultramovement is krautballet, competition gymnastics and catwalk, also vertical, jump, and whirlwind acrobatics.

Ultramusic is ascetic spacerock, garage, disco and ambient.

When ultrapieces combine in light, an unresolved and eternal ultra event is born.

ULTRA – performance is mystic and strange, beautiful and seductive, slanting and spacious. It combines many styles of dance, cyr and floor acrobatics and meditational, raw and racy music. Elements are framed together by intensive lighting design. The result is surprising visual and non-verbal mental landscape with no beginning and no end.

Founded in 2006, Company Uusi Maailma (Company New World) is a Finnish, Jyväskylä-based interdisciplinary progressive circus group that has toured in five countries. In the highly original style of Company Uusi Maailma, things are often amiss, disturbed or lopsided and the different elements of the performance are woven together with absurd and black humour.

Duration: 50 min.
World premiere: 9.3.2017, Jyväskylän kaupunginteatterin suuri näyttämö

Genre: Contemporary circus