Wow Hoop

Awaken curiosity and joy in little ones in Wow Hoop with Mette Ylikorva, director of Vau Vanne Baby Circus. Circus games captivate and enthrall infants, while parents gain confidence in handling their infants through gentle partner acrobatic exercises. Ylikorva's performance provides families with infants an easy way to introduce the liveliness and joy of circus into everyday life. With no visible differentiation between the stage and the audiences, infants are gently allowed to familiarize themselves with the stage props, which are both safe and bite-resistant.

Since 2008 Ylikorva's performance has toured child health centers, cultural centers, and children's festivals, garnering acclaim from critics and parents alike.

Duration: esitys/show 30 min + työpaja/workshop 30 min
World premiere: 25.2.2008 Rovaniemi, Finland


Vau vanne – Wow Hoop from Monitaideyhdistys Piste on Vimeo.