Globally Wanted

- like an animal you have never seen -

”Globally Wanted is a blackish burlesque belch straight at your face. --- I have no idea what to compare this to. Not to anything. Scary, and at the same time pleasurably filling the senses.” – Helsingin Sanomat, Finland’s largest subscription newspaper 5.10.11

A mystical tribe has gathered to celebrate a twisted family reunion. In a black fortress, manic and magical music takes over, and the end result is shattered minds and crippled bodies. What do these people want? What do they need? It is universal. It is globally wanted.

Globally Wanted consists of absurd happenings in a self-built iron cube, which is filled with circus acrobatics, parkour, physical theatre and visual narration. Music is the metaphysical trapeze of the performance. Sometimes it is like a manic tango, next improvised Finnish-Fellinesque folksong or spine- chilling, melancholic popular music; the best, cutting and crazy-enough theatre music in these latitudes. Music specially composed and arranged for the show, as well as strong aesthetics, create the mental landscape for the black-humoured characters.

Globally Wanted has been performed in Finland, Sweden, Great Britain, Germany and Russia in 13 different venues: "Finn CoNewWorld's Globally Wanted ‪@jacksons_lane = polymorphpously perverse, strangely captivating circus/physthre quintet."@DonaldHutera

Duration: 55 min
World premiere: 3.10.2011 Jyväskylän Huoneteatteri, Jyväskylä, Finland

Genre: Contemporary circus