Meanwhile is a world that mirrors today’s culture and makes merry with all the pointless ways in which people can spend their time. It is a mix of riveting and dramatic atmospheres that combine with minimalistic comedy through juggling, object manipulation, and visual theatre.

The surrealistic and whimsical Meanwhile examines our experiences on the passage of time and the way it’s used. The modern world’s absurd priorities gain new dimensions, as the work praises things that are societally considered pointless to do. Two jugglers test the spectator’s understanding and the way in which our values might change simply by doing something we feel is unnecessary.

In his works, director and circus artist Olli Vuorinen creates ambiguous worlds where precise and rhythmic object manipulation in a theatrical context produces a new kind of contemporary circus.

Duration: 70 min
World premiere: 8.11.2022 Järvenpää-talo, Finland

Genre: Contemporary circus