Now my heart is full.

Now my heart is full. is a video artwork about surrendering, perfectionism and aerial acrobatics. The work features a circus artist doing aerial acrobatics with silks – while cutting it into pieces.

“Going against perfectionism, this project had to be done without the need to control. The video had to be filmed in one shot, as the fabric would be destroyed as a result.

“Circus art is based strongly on skill and because of this it is often centred around achievement. Overachieving is something that is very present in our society as well. I hope this video is part of a change towards a gentler and more accepting attitude towards making circus and towards being a human being,” says the author of the project Jenny Mansikkasalo.

Duration: 14:56

Genre: Contemporary circus


Now my heart is full. teaser from jennymansikkasalo on Vimeo.