Optimismi (‘Optimism’) is a chain of absurd events in which this abundantly creative trio throw themselves into an inventive game of juggling, clownery and music.

Masterful physical comedian Thom Monckton and ingenious juggler Wes Peden are drawn into encounters that create a controlled chaos on the stage, in time with live music by the multi-talented Niko Votkin. Optimism is surprisingly complex solutions to unexpected twists of simple situations.

In numerous reviews, Thom Monckton has been compared to comic geniuses like Chaplin, Keaton and Mr Bean. Juggler Wes Peden is a virtuoso of his field and a master of innovation, and musician-composer Niko Votkin has composed and performed in, for example, Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth’s Winter Circus and played in numerous domestic ensembles.

Now these artists, who have performed in dozens of countries and won numerous awards, meet the audience together – this trio is sure to bring optimism to every viewer.

Duration: n. 1h
World premiere: 10.8.2022 Stoa, Helsinki, Finland

Genre: Contemporary circus, For all ages